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Holiday Program

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Imagine a child waking up in a cold house with no toys, gifts or holiday meal. Now imagine more than 300 of them right here in San Miguel County and the west-end of Montrose County. Together we can change that.

The Holiday Program distributes food certificates, clothing, necessities, gifts, toys and gift certificates to more than 100 families, 350 people, half of them children. Individual gift requests such as warm clothing are donated by members of the community as Angel Gifts. Gifts are wrapped and boxes assembled and delivered by volunteers just before the holidays. Our hope is that we brighten the holidays for families who would otherwise not be able to celebrate.



The Telluride community and our many passionate volunteers make the Holiday Program possible.

  • The Town of Telluride sponsors Toys for Tickets allowing parking tickets to be paid with new toys that are given to Angel Baskets for distribution.
  • The Realtors sponsor the purchase of bicycles and deliver them to Angel Baskets’ Holiday Headquarters.
  • Local merchants donate items from their stores.
  • Telluride Helpdesk donates time and hosting services to make this website and social media possible.
  • Special thanks to the Anschutz Family Foundation, AV Hunter Trust, Daniels Fund, Johnson Family Foundation, Just for Kids Foundation and Telluride Foundation for their generous support.

Expanded hours on Thursday March 19, 2020
3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Let’s protect one another from the community spread of COVID-19.

Please do NOT come to the Food Pantry if you are SICK. Ask a friend to pick up for you.
Be prepared for the process to look a little different as we adjust to protecting our families and workers.
For more information, CONTACT US.
If you would like to help, please DONATE.

Food Program

The Food Program provides food to more than 500 people per month through the three regional food banks located in Telluride, Norwood and Dove Creek/Egnar. 

Due to limited resources, families are restricted to a once a month visit and are provided up to five days worth of meals per individual per month.



To be eligible for Angel Baskets Holiday Program you must reside in San Miguel County or the West End of Montrose County.

 You must verify enrollment in one of the following Social Services:

  • Food Stamps (families & Seniors only)
  • SSI
  • Medicaid (children only MAGI)
  • Medicaid Seniors

If you are eligible, please visit San Miguel County Social Services Office or Nucla Location Montrose County Social Services Office to fill out an application.



  • County Residence in San Miguel or West End of Montrose



  • Angel Baskets provides direct to school funding. Contact your school administrator.
  • Telluride Food Bank


    Location: Aspen and W. Colorado

    Hours of Operation: Thursdays, 4pm-6pm.

    Patrons can come once a week to pick up produce donated by Clark's Market.

  • Norwood Food Bank


    Location: 1272 Spruce, Norwood
    Christ in F.O.C.U.S Church aka Norwood Southern Baptist Church

    Hours of Operation:

    The first distriubtion is the Thursday following the 2nd Wednesday of the month

    Then skip a week and we have the second distribution the week after skipped week.

    Call Michele Blunt @ 970-708-8664 to Volunteer!


  • Dove Creek / Egnar Food Bank


    Dove Creek / Egnar Food Bank

    Location: VFW Hall, Dove Creek

    Hours of Operation: Second Friday of the month, 10am-11am.

  • Elder Program


    The Food Program also provides food gift certificates to qualified, low-income senior households in San Miguel County and the west-end of Montrose County, many of whom do not have transportation. The gift certificate is for the grocery store closest to the senior's household and enables them to choose the foods they can and wish to eat. Seniors eligible for the Elder Food Program must be 60 years or older, currently receiving assistance from Social Services or have an income of $1,180 per month or less.

    "I'm on a pretty low fixed income and I have $240 of over the counter medications every three months. to receive a Clarks card coming just in time to help for food when I was trying to round up my medication money, I just can't thank you enough!"


  • Apothecary

    The Apothecary (Pharmacy) Program provides gift certificates to the Pharmacy in Nucla to 80 low-income seniors in the west end of Montrose County who would otherwise not be able to pay their prescription co-pay and living expenses at the same time.

  • School Supply Program


    The School Supply Program provides basic school supplies to 350 children needing assistance in Nucla, Naturita, Norwood, Paradox and Telluride schools.

    After basic school supplies have been purchased, Classroom Learning Tools are provided to schools based on requests and funding available, positively affecting more than 1000 students and their teachers.


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